Friday, January 27, 2012

Young Living vs doTERRA Essential Oils

Wow... I know I'm not going to do this topic justice because there are many long-term users of Young Living out there. Many of those are in my extended family, but this I know. When you open a bottle of doTERRA lavender in comparison to other essential oils on the market you will be blown away at the pureness of the smell and the taste.... yes that's right! TASTE!

doTERRA's oils are certified pure therapeutic grade oils. This is a certification given by doTERRA to their oils to differentiate their oils from other oils that are not ingestable. doTERRA oils have undergone a third party testing to insure every last milliliter is pure and ingestable (not all though, check the label) I don't understand the animosity that essential oils users have - aren't we all here to make the world a better, healthier place. doTERRA is always giving me free oils and amazing discounts on the oils. It is an amazing company to be representing!

David Stirling left Young Living because of a disagreement of long-term philosophies. Read his own words HERE. A remarkable story. I am grateful for doTERRA and the healing benefits the oils have already played in my families' lives. Even now my boy sick with a fever and vomiting sleeps calmly because I have peppermint and digestzen to put on his tummy and his feet. It's nice sometimes to be Dr. MOM.

If you would like to discover the purifying aspect of these oils please feel free to leave me a comment or email me directly and we will send you a sample of these oils so you yourself can make the comparison.


Anonymous said...
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SebbieDue said...

I'm currently researching the lawsuit and I am looking for doTerra's side of the story. Your link to David Stirling's perspective is broken. Do you have a current link? TIA.